Children's Growing Dining Chair Multi-function, Adjustable and Solid Wood





Origin: Mainland China

Material: Wood

Height: adjustable

Width: 46.5cm

Model Number: BDY018

Length: 80cm

Material: Solid Wood

Size: Height 80*Length 46*Width 49

Style: Modern simplicity


This baby dining chair is a growing dining chair

A growing chair that grows from childhood to adulthood

Sold as a separate dining chair without any accessories!!!

Suitable for children who can sit independently after the age of 3, and children under the age of 3 need to use a plate and a fence

Product size: height 80*length 46*width 49


Dining chair packaging dimensions: width 54.5 cm, length 90 cm, thickness 11 cm
Weight 7.5kG


IMPORTANT:regular dining chairs can be paired with a plate rail
When matching the fence plate, remember that the seat plate should be stuck in the first grid
So the fence can be stuck


The actual pictures are as follows:

Ordinary big red


Ordinary gray blue

Ordinary white
Ordinary Storm Grey
Regular matcha green

Ordinary pink

Ordinary sakura pink

Ordinary aqua blue

Ordinary khaki

Ordinary dark yellow